Buddhist valley trek

July / Aug.

North of the Kulu valley and separated by the 13050 high Rohtang Pass, lies the Lahul valley. This is predominantly Buddhist country. The countryside is stark and desolate with snow clad peaks and flat roofed mud plastered houses. Prayer flags flutter from chortens and monasteries. The short summers and long harsh winters give these hardy people a rare blend of humanity, humor and hospitality.

Besides the beauty of the countryside there is ample opportunity to explore alpine flora, meadows full of larkspur, cranesbills, and balsams, More careful examination reveals gentians, eyebrights, and even musk orchids. Most striking are the scores of different pink hued roses and naturalized species from central Asia, exhibiting deep yellow blooms, For bird lovers white capped river chats on boulders beside steams, as well as rosefinches, the occasional rufous backed shrike, rock buntings ands sulphur-bellied warblers. At the top camp choughs can be seen, as well as raptors, amongst them himalayan griffon vultures.

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Mid Altitude (max 13650')

19 Days Delhi to Delhi



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