Kulu to Simla

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Penelope Chetwode Betjeman, daughter of Field Marshal Lord Chetwode who commanded the Indian army, trekked from Simla to Kulu in 1936. She chose to return regularly later in life to trek here, and has narrated her experiences in her best seller “ Kullu - The End of the Habitable World.” She passed away here in 1986, in an area she loved so muchTthis tour is dedicated to her memory.

The trek takes you to a bygone era, starting with Simla, summer capital of the Raj, where mock Tudor and Gothic buildings, churches, schools and the Gaiety, Asia’s oldest theatre, all bear testimony to a long gone Edwardian world. You stay in a Maharaja’s summer resort which is still run by members of his family. En route to Kulu you camp in gardens of rest houses built in a different age, and dine by candle- light under starlit skies. At night the chirruping crickets lull you to sleep.

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Low altitude (6000' to1 0,500')

15 days Delhi to Delhi




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