The Forbidden Lands of spiti and kinnaur


Mid July- Oct/Tour
Mid June-Sep  Trek  

Europeans have never been allowed freely into the indo-Tibetian border areas of Spiti and Kinnaur. In 1950 these areas were slammed shut to everyone when the Chinese invaded Tibet. Now the area is open. Its is a region of soaring rock strata and sweeping flood plains. The mountain villages are wrapped in a time warp and sweeping flood plains. The mountain villages are wrapped in a time warp and preserved as Tibet would have been without the oppression of the Chinese. The area is a macrocosm of all the extremes or the Himalayan form the savagery of the  peaks to the women crouched in the fields harvesting the barley crop.

Rudyard Kipling describes Spiti in 'Kim' in these words : "At last they entered a world - a valley of leagues where the  high hills were fashioned of the mere rubble and refuse from off the knees of the mountains... Surely the Gods live here. Beaten down by the  silence and the appalling sweep of dispersal of the cloud-shadows after rain. This place is no place for men."

South of Spiti is the area known as Kinnaur which is dominated by the vertically pointed and perennially snow covered Kinner Kailash which stands out majestically at 21,000 ft. It comprises of seven valleys, the most beautiful  being the Baspa valley at a height of 9400 ft. which is an exquisite tiny version of Kashmir . Geologists say that this valley was under the sea thousands of years ago. The main town here is Sangla, and is worth any effort to get there.

We offer three itineraries into this areas:

The first across the 16300ft Pin Pass form the Kulu Valley into Spiti. At the end of the trek is an eight day drive to Simla visiting the age old Monastaries of Kye, Dhankar and Tabo which is regarded by many as next in significance to the Tholiang gompa in Tibet.Its murals date back to the 8th and 9th Century AD as in the year 996 the Tabo gompa was established. 

The second option is to trek over the Bhaba Pass driving into Kinnaur from shimla.

The third option is to drive form Manali through Spiti and Kinnaur, finishing in Simla. The holiday necessiates stopping at very attractive campsites in the Greater Himalayas. Both options include a visit a Sangla. 

The foot trek over the Pin Pass is not easy. A good degree of fitness is necessary and some trekking experience .It is worth any difficulty.

To visit these you need a permit. Ask for necessary forms and send it along with four passport size photographs. 



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